Backbone of Your Practice: Improve Patient's Oral Health
While Increasing Productivity of the Hygiene Department

Tuesday, September 29, 2020
7:30pm - 8:30pm Eastern Time


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The Doctor to Hygiene Production ratio that we look to achieve in a General Dental Practice is 70% Doctor Production & 30% Hygiene Production.
When evaluating the % of Periodontal Treatment performed in a practice, the Benchmark most often assigned is 20%.
Exam Codes D0150, D0120 and D0180 may all be used as the exam code (dependent on patient needs) when performing a doctor exam in Hygiene, and all are recognized as reimbursable exam codes by most insurance companies.
What is your greatest concern regarding your Hygiene Department during the current pandemic?This question is for attendee feedback only and is not graded as part of the quiz, your response will remain anonymous and will help tailor future course content for Midway Education.