Cutting Wedge Technology: An In Depth Look at the Importance of Wedges in Direct Composite Restorations





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Despite continued sectional matrix and ring technology, Class 2 restorations continue to be a hurdle in everyday dentistry. A closer look shows how a forgotten component unlocks the secret for everyday success: the wedge. Discover how a simple device will forever change your approach to direct restorations, enhance results, and drive profitability & efficiency.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify and define variables that determine Class 2 difficulty levels and outcome predictability.
  • Identify commonly encountered Class 2 failure points: margins, contacts, & contour.
  • Take an in-depth look into the importance of proper wedging and why current wedge designs are hindering our success.
  • Introduce VursaWedge: a new split wedge technology whose simple design enhances outcome, improves efficiency and boosts confidence.
  • Introduce BurtonBands Posterior: a device that will change how practitioners’ approach and restore small-mid size lesions.


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    1 Lecture CE Credit
    AGD Subject Code: 250
    Management Code: MEC 10062021

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